Learning how to grow a gaming TikTok in 2021 is one of the most important things you can do for your brand.

Here’s a quick guide on how to break into the gaming niche this year.

1.) Your Audience Is Already Interested in Gaming! (But What Else?)

It may sound simple, but identifying what your followers actually want to see is one of the most important things you can do.

This is because the end goal is to tell the algorithm that the people who follow you are satisfied with what you’re producing. If that is the case, the algorithm will favor your videos much more in the future.

Remember that this app is almost entirely based on user-engagement.

There is no SEO and very little title/tag-based discoverability.

For example: you likely found this post because you searched something along the lines of “how to grow your gaming TikTok in 2021”, right?

TikTok doesn’t work like that.

The platform only vaguely tracks your behaviors and interests, but can’t get any more specific than that. You can’t just type in “entertaining Call of Duty zombies clips” and find EXACTLY what you want to see.

Every single piece of content you see is based off of your prior behaviors on the app. If your audience wants to see Minecraft, randomly switching to Call of Duty will lower your future engagement, since most of those who follow you are not watching those Minecraft videos or engaging with them fully.

2.) Quantity vs. Quality

“Is it better to post more often with lower quality, or post less often with better quality?”

That’s the time old question, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. If your analytics are getting better and better, you should have no issues.

As long as you’re growing, I wouldn’t mess with what works.

However, this question is still worth considering because it sets the tone for all future content you create.

Are you a funny person? Do you like to troll your random duos on Fortnite? Or do you like straight-to-the-point news, like breaking down a new Call of Duty update?

In the end, your goal is to get as many people as possible (most of which are strangers that don’t already follow you, by the way) to watch your video to the end.

No matter what you do, if you can find some way to get an audience to stay for the entire 10-20 seconds, you’re golden.

TikTok is, in my view, has the best organic reach of any platform for gaming content.

3.) Making It Easy to Understand

Perhaps the biggest mistake you could possibly make is flooding your TikTok account with the absolute worst mistake you could make – disjointed part 2’s that no one asked for.

The goal of every gaming TikToker should be to appeal to the mostly-new people that are watching the video.

You must be clear, concise and understandable, since the vast majority of people that find your video have no idea who you are, nor have any reason to care about you whatsoever.

So please – no Rocket League clips with bad audio and 60 seconds of disjointed menu screens. I can singlehandedly guarantee that it will not perform well.

4.) How to Funnel Your Audience

Like Twitch and other social media platforms, TikTok is a great place to diversify your base to boost your overall brand awareness.

If you can find a way to funnel your audience to-and-from your TikTok account, using your other platforms like YouTube and Twitter, you’ll get your most dedicated supporters in one place.

If someone cares enough about you to watch your stream for an hour on Twitch, they probably will also be interested in your TikTok account.

This helps boost comments and engagement, since your most loyal followers on other platforms will now be supporting your videos on TikTok.

That’s how famous TikTokers are able to make announcement/sponsored videos that still perform well.

While videos promoting a new gaming chair or merch drop aren’t supposed to do well, according to the way the algorithm works, because you have so many dedicated supporters commenting/liking immediately, it does give you a much better chance of cracking into that algorithm.

5.) Networking

The gaming community is one of the few communities on TikTok that benefits strongly from networking.

While it does really boil down to the type of content your producing, you can easily collaborate with another account of comparable size to you.

This type of collaboration should ideally link two similarly-niched accounts together, like a Minecraft content creator playing on a multiplayer server with other content creators.

Remember though – networking with other creators can easily be done in vein if it doesn’t achieve one thing: getting a random viewer to watch the entire video.

Like other videos you create, the goal with networking is to merge two communities with subtlety.

This must be done in a way that STILL entertains that average person scrolling down their ForYouPage, that has no idea who you OR the other TikToker is.

If you make your collaboration simple, easy-to-understand, and still entertaining, their should be no issues.


In the end, if you are able to follow these 5 steps, you should have no with trying to grow your gaming TikTok in 2021.

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